Pacific Beach Workout

Pacific Beach Workout

Let’s Go.

Crew is Pacific Beach’s first-of-its-kind fitness studio, redefining traditional bootcamp and gym workouts.

We’re here to make fitness fun by bringing together strength training, cardio, and dance all in one. We created two signature formats, Body Build and Cardio Dance. Each is designed to give you a total body workout that fits both beginners and advanced alike—

Looking to strengthen and define your body? Join us for a Body Build class. Each class consists of a series of full-body resistance training exercises designed to build and sculpt your body using dumbbells, resistance bands, and our Zeno Benches.

Want to get your heart rate up and let your inner dancer out? Come check out our Cardio Dance or Step + Strength class as we take aerobics to a whole new level. Or pair them together a few times a week to see some significant results!

Our instructors will make you feel comfortable and confident, allowing you to increase your endurance, improve strength, build stamina, and unleash your full potential.