Asked Questions

What is Crew Fitness?2021-12-08T07:21:01+00:00

Crew Fitness is a premier group fitness and dance studio designed for people of all experience levels and backgrounds.

What makes Crew Fitness different?2021-12-08T07:21:32+00:00

Inclusivity is key at Crew. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or brand new, Crew is your home for movement and fitness. Allow us to unleash the full potential in you.

Do you offer a free trial?2021-12-08T07:22:28+00:00

We offer new members a 3 Class Free Trial that can be used within 7 Days.

Does Crew Fitness have parking?2021-11-03T04:33:17+00:00

Good news! There is a parking lot at our studio, as well as both free and metered parking available on surrounding streets.

Does Crew Fitness have showers?2021-11-03T04:34:09+00:00

We currently do not offer showers. The maintenance that comes with showers would have resulted in a higher membership fee. Instead, we opted for a much more accessible membership pricing.

Do you have a place to put my things?2021-12-08T07:24:18+00:00

We have cubbies in the studio to store your items. We do ask that you keep the studio floor clear of unnecessary items to prevent tripping hazards.

Is there an age requirement to workout at Crew?2021-12-08T07:26:24+00:00

Our minimum age requirement to participate is 18 years old.

How do I sign up for the 3 free classes?2021-07-16T05:19:36+00:00

Just head to our registration page to activate your trial: https://www.crewfitness.com/registration/

What is Crew Fitness’s cancellation policy?2021-12-08T07:29:13+00:00

Our classes often fill to capacity, therefore it is important that if you are pre-registered for a class, you attend that class. This will ensure that as many students as possible are able to take their desired class. We have an 8 hour grace period for you to cancel your class. If you cancel less than 8 hours before the class start time, you may incur a $10 no-show/late cancel fee.

What if I need to freeze or cancel my membership?2021-12-08T07:31:14+00:00

All membership adjustment requests (including cancellations) must be sent via email to info@crewdance.com at least 7 days before your next scheduled payment date. Please note that we typically respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Are there discounts for active duty military, active students, or healthcare worker Crew memberships?2021-12-08T07:31:30+00:00

Crew Fitness offers a discounted Unlimited Membership for Active Duty Military, Student, and Healthcare Worker personnel. Please contact us for details and to set up the membership.

What are your membership options?2021-12-08T07:31:54+00:00

We offer unlimited monthly memberships at $119/month. This is a month-to-month agreement allowing you to cancel at any time.

Do you offer towel rentals and water?2021-07-16T05:19:36+00:00

We have a water fountain within the studio. We ask that you come with a bottle as we do not currently sell them. We do not offer towel rentals at this time.

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