Crew Fitness
Classes Methods

Body Build

Get in the best shape of your life with this 50 min strength training class designed to help you define your physique and build your body through low-impact, highly effective resistance training. We utilize dumbbells and resistance bands to sculpt your body and build a strong foundation so you can both look and feel great! We focus on how to lift proper form so you can build strength and confidence in your body & what it can do! Each class is designed to target complementary muscle groups to give you a comprehensive full-body workout. Recommended you take 3-4x a week (to achieve maximum results)


This fun and easy to follow choreography-based class is dedicated to the breakdown of a single dance routine. Step-by-step guidance and repetition allows you to take your performance skills to the next level with trending choreography, atmosphere lighting and the hottest music.

Step and Strength

Step + Strength brings traditional step aerobics to another level, combining killer cardio and effective strength training. We utilize an elevated platform (the step) to execute dynamic and creative choreography, adding in resistance band segments for full body toning. We step together as a crew to the rhythm of high energy playlists filled with the hottest tracks, surrounded by good vibes and great lighting. Our instructors will make you feel comfortable and confident, allowing you to increase your endurance, improve strength, build stamina, and unleash your full potential.

Dance Cardio

Our follow-along VXN dance format creates an environment where you can experience an emotional release, mind-body connection, and a sense of community while burning anywhere between 400 to 1,000+ calories. Enjoy commercial choreography, killer music remixes, and stage lighting, allowing you to experience yourself as a performer.